Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #1 | I wasn’t the only one people thought died that day. The world also lost Cap back then. 

“If you want something, you have to go for it,” says Scarlett. “That’s something I learned early on. I was really competitive at a young age.”

Main!Kitty + Ultimate!Kitty on Mutant Pride

steve rogers: sometimes captain america, but usually just a big grumpy baby


"why does everyone hate ultimates so much? all i know is apparently steve hates france in it??"

well, not everyone hates it, and it’s not all bad, but it is really dang weird sometimes. i’ve not read a whole lot, but one of the series i have read involved nazi frost giants, almost-naked brotherly wrestling, loki wearing an ugly white suit, thor getting hela pregnant, asgardian ghosts making fart jokes, and i don’t actually remember what else. i try to forget it, really. also the red skull is captain america’s son and steve himself is sometimes a bigoted asshole. 

but, on the other hand, i’ve read really good ultimates stuff. ultimate spider-man, for example. the stuff with peter, and the stuff with miles. i think the ultimates have improved in quality in recent years, but even before, there was good stuff and bad stuff. and the good stuff was usually really good, you just had to sift through the weird things to find it. 

like, if you ever decide to read ultimates stuff, just make sure the series you’re reading is one of the good ones. or, alternatively, make sure you’re okay with reading a bunch of weird shit. 

but maybe it’s so odd to me because i’ve read so little and therefore i don’t have context for it. idk. i know plenty of people who love the ultimates a whole lot. i’m not one of those people, except when it comes to certain specific ultimates characters or series.