"Thor and Loki are going to a camping trip in SCOTLAND? Dear, I love you even more. Scotland seems to be very a beautiful place :) I wish I can go there one day... Is Loch Ness all that it's cracked up to be? And the Highlands... ME WANT TO GO NOW. *randomness FTW*"


it’s just a loch 

just a giant puddle 

that’s all omfg

i’ve been to the highlands a few times before when we used to go up to Clachtoll and i remember i saw a whale. that was cool. but yeah it’s really cold and windy up there and there are bunnies and sheeps and deer 

okay, well there are deer everywhere. a deer got into our school once

poor thing was hurt though and people were chasing it and it almost went into shock /sOB

scotland is cool 

lots of hills and cows and horses and sheep and stuff

i remember i went to this activity centre up in the highlands. called Kilbowie. yeah. that was cool. Actually, I think Beth might’ve went. bETH DID YOU GO TO KILBOWIE

i’ll tag her and maybe she’ll tell me if she’s went to Kilbowie when she comes back online because like, every single school goes. 

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